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Mmoexp New World:Throughout your exploration of Amrine Excavation

Exploring the depths of the Amrine Excavation in New World promises an adventure filled with challenges, treasures, and New World Coins ancient mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a novice adventurer, navigating through this archaeological marvel requires careful planning and strategic teamwork. In this guide, we'll delve into everything you need to know about Amrine Excavation, from finding its location to conquering its formidable bosses and crafting powerful artifacts.

How to Find Amrine Excavation?

Amrine Excavation is located in the heart of New World's Everfall region. To find it, head southwest from the settlement of Everfall until you reach the entrance nestled amidst the rugged terrain. Keep an eye out for ancient ruins and signs of excavation activity as you approach.

How Do I Access Amrine Excavation?

Accessing Amrine Excavation requires a group of brave adventurers willing to tackle its challenges together. Form a party of five individuals, ensuring a balanced composition of roles such as tank, healer, and damage dealers. Once your group is assembled, approach the entrance and prepare to embark on your journey.

Why is Amrine Excavation Important?

Amrine Excavation holds significant historical and archaeological value within the world of Aeternum. Exploring its depths not only uncovers ancient relics and treasures but also sheds light on the history of the land and its inhabitants. Additionally, completing quests and defeating bosses within the excavation yields valuable rewards and resources essential for progression.

Group Composition

When forming your group for Amrine Excavation, consider the following roles:

Tank: Responsible for drawing enemy aggression and soaking up damage.

Healer: Keeps the group alive by providing support and healing.

Damage Dealers: Focus on dealing damage to enemies and bosses.

Ensure each member of your group is adequately equipped and prepared for their respective roles to maximize your chances of success.

How to Find a Group?

Finding a group for Amrine Excavation can be done through various means, including in-game chat channels, faction boards, or through your guild. Alternatively, you can use the matchmaking feature to join a group seeking additional members for the excursion.

Amrine Expedition Loot Table

The loot table for Amrine Excavation includes a variety of valuable items, including gear, weapons, crafting materials, and more. Defeating bosses and completing objectives throughout the excavation yields rewards tailored to your level and progression, making each run a worthwhile endeavor.


Navigating through Amrine Excavation requires coordination, communication, and strategic thinking. Here's a brief overview of what to expect:

Foreman Nakashima Boss: The first challenge you'll encounter within Amrine Excavation is Foreman Nakashima, a formidable foe accompanied by a group of minions. Focus your attacks on Nakashima while managing the additional enemies to minimize damage to your group.

Simon Grey Boss: After overcoming Foreman Nakashima, your next obstacle is Simon Grey, a powerful adversary wielding arcane abilities. Coordinate your group's efforts to avoid his devastating attacks and whittle down his health pool.

Amrine Excavation Quests

Throughout your exploration of Amrine Excavation, you'll encounter various quests that further unravel the mysteries of the site and provide valuable rewards upon completion. Keep an eye out cheap New World Coins for quest markers and objectives as you progress through the excavation.

Amrine Tuning Orb Crafting

Crafting Amrine Tuning Orbs is essential for gaining access to Amrine Excavation. These orbs serve as keys that allow entry into the excavation and can be crafted using materials obtained from various sources throughout Aeternum.

In conclusion, venturing into the depths of Amrine Excavation offers a thrilling and rewarding experience for adventurers in New World. By assembling a capable group, mastering boss encounters, and unraveling its mysteries, you'll emerge with valuable treasures and a deeper understanding of the world around you. Embark on your expedition today and unlock the secrets hidden within Amrine Excavation!


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