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Let's talk about kids on the Autism Spectrum

In my years of experience as a therapist, I often see parents bringing their children to the clinic with a common concern, “My child is still young, he doesn’t know how to talk and socialise with others. The doctor told me that my child is autistic, is it true?”

According to Autism research, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that shows the wiring of the brain and the way these individuals think are different from their neurotypical peers. While the development appears normal in the first 12-18 months, however, autistic children start to show differences and delays in their development after the 12-18 month period.

Here are some common signs:

  • lack of eye contact

  • lack of social responsiveness

  • lack of social engagement and interaction

  • lack of independence and mental growth

  • restricted and persistent interest in certain items

When you notice your child starts to play solitarily without having an interest in socially interacting with others, rarely responds to his/her own name, always play with the same toy in the same/rigid manner, unable to express his needs and wants independently, etc…It is recommended to bring your child to the nearest child psychology clinic for a psychological assessment and consultation.

As parents go through the journey of diagnosis and assessment, they can get overwhelmed by the number of interventions and methods for the autism spectrum. We hope we are here to help lighten your burden as we embark on this journey with you.

RDI is a parent-led and family-centred intervention where parents and children learn to socialise and engage with one another. The goal is for parents to take back the primary role as a guide to their children and promote their quality of life. If you would like to know more about RDI, do not hesitate to talk to us. We are happy to guide you through this journey with your child.

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