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Why choose RDI for your family?

My child and I - find it difficult to communicate with each other. We have gone through countless therapies and interventions, and no matter how hard we try, he still does not know how to interact with us. His responses and actions are very robotic where he just execute them based on the instructions given to him. Then it got me thinking, “how is my child going to cope in this fast-paced ever-changing world?” That’s my biggest concern and fear. It made me feel so helpless and frustrated. Can RDI help improve my relationship and communication with my child?

We are living in a dynamic world. Our environment is constantly changing around us, hence we learn to adapt and move together with the change. However, for the neurodiverse community, it’s not an easy task. They find it challenging in adapting to new life changes. They, as compared to the neurotypical community, are far more often faced with unemployment, depression and anxiety. These neurodiverse individuals need to be guided for us to create a path for their brains to learn how to be dynamic and adapt to environmental challenges.

This is where RDI comes in. RDI is different from other conventional therapies because RDI is a relationship-based intervention that focuses on promoting these five core growths in neurodiverse children through the guidance of their parents/guardians, namely dynamic thinking, experience sharing, creative/flexible thinking, episodic memory and self-awareness. We coach parents to learn how to guide their children to develop these five core growths through daily activities at home. We aim to improve the child’s quality of life by promoting their communication skills, building meaningful relationships, self-confidence and independence.

The human brain does not stop developing. With the right guidance and exposure, the brain can learn and grow dynamically at any age. In RDI, we work together with parents to develop a personalised plan to help the child grow effectively in a safe learning environment. Our objective is not to train parents to be therapists but to guide parents to build a meaningful relationship with their children through a healthy and slow-paced lifestyle. We believe that change comes from a positive parenting environment.

To learn more about RDI, do contact us and we are happy to walk you through this exciting journey.

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