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Get to Know Us

Autism Parent Engagement is a truly diverse organisation where passion is combined with experience to drive parenting and autism forward.

Autism Parent Engagement is founded by a team of RDI practitioners and mental health professionals from different fields and background, dedicated to promote and expand positive autism intervention in Asia. 

We aim to deliver a relationship-based approach to our clients, both parents and child with autism. We believe that by providing a positive learning environment, we can guide you and your child to achieve success and quality of life.


We have a collective set of values that are in line with our work and is vital to the success of our clients:


With our positive and evidence based approach, we are devoted to empowering the lives of individuals with autism and their families. 


In Autism Parent Engagement, we believe in the importance of growth-seeking and parent-child relationship. We work towards promoting intrinsic motivation that encourages independence and engagement that leads to quality of life.


We believe that each autistic individual has its own uniqueness and beauty. Our autism-centred approach curates program based on individual needs of the child and the parents. 


We are dedicated to promoting dynamic intelligence (out of the box thinking) in children because this world is more complex and spontaneous than we know! We are here to guide parents to create an environment that encourages children to think and problem solve dynamically. 

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